James P. Tenbusch, Ph.D. 
Committed to Improving Public Education
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This website is designed to offer information to a select group of individuals interested in learning about my school administration credentials, career history, educational leadership and management philosophy.  It is designed to function as both an electronic portfolio of my professional work, and as a clearinghouse for my scholarly work.  Access to certain pages are password protected; however, anyone visiting this site can download copies of my publications and the public domain educational software I have developed.  To obtain permission to the protected files
on this website, please complete the "Contact Me" form and I will respond to your request

Career Snapshot
I have been an Illinois school district superintendent for 15 years, and I hold a Ph.D. in Educational Administration and Educational Processes from Northwestern University.  All total, I have over 30 years of school administration experience in both general and special education.  I have distinguished myself in the areas of technology in education and the service of at-risk and special needs students.  I am a strong advocate of a problem-based learning approach to the delivery of instructional services at all grade levels.  The key characteristics of my school administration career include:
  • Demonstrated ability to develop instructional programs that meets or exceeds State Learning Standards in all subject areas;
  • Commitment to a collaborative leadership approach to school administration using both formal and informal decision-making and communication methods centered around building effective relationships with key stakeholders;
  • Outstanding record in the areas of  fiscal management, grant writing, resource development, and conducting referendum campaigns;
  • Nationally recognized leader in 1:1 computing initiatives in schools and teacher technology training programs;
  • Expert on student data management systems designed to guide instruction;
  • Excellent communication, presentation, and public relations skills.
Thank you for visiting my website.  Please complete the Contact Me form with any questions you may have.